Bio pic 1Alex Prol was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began playing guitar at the age of 10 and for the following 7 years took private lessons with renowned music teachers in Rio. At the age of 18, Alex moved to Boston, to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and improve his guitar skills. 

In Boston, he honed his craft under the tutelage of a number of great musicians,  such as Joe Stump, Jon Finn, Michael Farquharson, Jim Kelly, Suzzane Dean and also with Brazilian jazz singer Luciana Souza.

He also worked professionally while studying at Berklee as a session player and played at Guitar Night – a concert sponsored by Berklee for its top 5 guitar players of the year.

Short after moving back to Brazil, Alex has worked composing and recording jingles for radio and TV as he has done back in Boston and began playing gigs with local artists. A couple years later, he started touring with major artists all over Brazil and South America.

While playing big and renowned venues, music festivals and music awards with major artists for over a decade, he has solidified his reputation – but was eager for more.

In 2012, he made an important career decision moving to New York City and immersing himself in the music mecca of the world.

He soon began performing and recording with local artists and world renowned musicians in top-notch studios such as the legendary Avatar Studios and playing venues all over the city.

Alex toured the US on the Guitar Gods tour 2014 opening for artists Yngwie Malmsteen, Bumblefoot (Guns ‘N Roses) and Gary Hoey.

Alex is featured on the soundtrack for the Sundance Film Festival 2014 audience award winner documentary “Alive Inside”.

On Summer 2015, Alex put together the duo – The Better Tones with also brazilian guitarist Alexandre Vaz. They have been playing venues all over New York City ever since.

Also in 2015, Alex along with drummer Andrew Shonicker and bassist Marcos Varela put together the instrumental trio Jackie Chiles in NYC. In early 2016, they recorded their first EP – that will be released sometime next year, at the prestigious Mission Sound Studios in Brooklyn. The album was mixed and mastered by Bob Brockmann aka Bassy Bob and is available for streaming at their website.

In 2017, Alex co-hosted a couple of seasons of the Youtube music talk show Frea King Show. The show has featured many special guests, including Russian major artists Max Pokrovskyi, Andrei Knyazev (King and Fool, Kniazz), Noize MC and Gogol Bordello accordionist Pasha.

For 2018, Alex is focused on putting out the debut album for The Better Tones. The album is currently on mastering stages and should be available for purchase and streaming sometime this year.